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Leaders as coaches – are they compatible roles or is there another way?

HRDs and CEOs regularly comment that ‘coaching their people’ is a key skill that their leaders need to improve and do more of. Research by LinkedIn Learning (2017) found that developing leaders and managers was rated as the most important mission for L&D in any sized organisation, ranking above supporting career development and developing technical skills. Furthermore, 68% of companies reported that front-line leaders struggle with coaching for performance improvement (ASTD, Frontline Leaders, 2013).

And for good reason, HBR research (2007) found that the single most important difference between poor and great leaders was the degree to which they coached their team. However, while coaching does have a significant impact on engagement and performance, traditional models and approaches to coaching aren’t always successful, or appropriate, for leaders to carry out.

Why doesn't it always work and what's the alternative?

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